Welcome to the online home of Mark Demmin II, Chicagoland’s Vintage Vocalist.

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A true master of the sound and style of a bygone era. Mark’s warm tone will transport you to a time when Big Bands ruled the ballrooms and dancers swooned to their favorite crooner.


Please see Mark’s “about” page for more information.
Mark is a part of the Apropos Productions Entertainment group.  For that web page, CLICK HERE.

Professional Recommendations:

“Mark could sing the phone book and we we’d be thrilled to stay and listen to him do it!”
-Barbara Petry, Dear Friend

“How do I describe Mark Demmin’s voice? To me, it is a rare combination of power, resonance, and exquisite color – all fueled by a genuine love for whatever song he chooses to perform. This is “ear candy” of the highest order!”
-Tony Thomas, Noted Jazz Pianist/Organist

“Mark can really sing! In any application, on stage, on recordings, with or without a microphone. It doesn’t matter. His appealing, warm sound will grab you from the first phrase. Not only does he sing perfectly in tune and convey the meaning of lyrics with a masterful interpretation of, primarily, the American Songbook (his strongest suit) but he also thrills audiences with his versions of other genres. On top of all that, added to his vocal arsenal, Mark brings a wonderful sense of rapport and humor to any audience he encounters!”
-Isham “Rusty” Jones, Chicago Jazz Drummer

“As a rule, I don’t usually like working with vocalists but I’d definitely work with Mark again. He not only has an exceptional voice and an incredible personality, Mark interprets lyrics as a great storyteller does!”
-Chad Rager, Drummer


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